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How we repair asbestos corrugated roofs

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What is Asbestosafe®?

Asbestosafe® is manufactured to fit within the profile of asbestos corrugated roofs to supply a sturdy top surface so that a high performance felt roofing system can be installed.

There are two systems - one with a 10 year guarantee and one with a 20 year guarantee.

The colour of the finished surface is Charcoal Grey

These guarantees do not reflect the life expectancy of an Asbestosafe® roofing system in fact the installed roofing system should far exceed the guarantee period by many years. This is because of the insulation value that an Asbestosafe® system provides, is enough to make the existing sub-structure  inert to the various change of temperatures that  these roofs can experience in their  lifetime, this “U” value reduces the movement and fatigue that a felt roofing system on a traditional ply or timber decked roof experiences over its lifetime.

Overlay not replace

There will come a day when your roof needs attention and an Asbestosafe® overlay roofing system would provide many years of service  and is cost effective compared to complete replacement.

This means that the interior is not disrupted at all and up to 40% of your costs can be saved. No other systems are as robust, maintainable and guaranteed as ours. We do not treat the underneath surface of the roof as it is not necessary.

There is no health hazard if it is left untouched unless you actively drill, saw or break into the roof. Splits or cracks can be sealed with a solvent-based varnish or similar. If you are looking to do work to the underside of the roof from the interior of the garage, then you would be best finding a separate contractor.

Any work of this type should be done with the doors and windows open, and a mask should be worn.
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