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Asbestos roof repair, Croxley Green

Asbestosafe® is a family run business owned and operated by Mick and his co-director son Chaz

While Mick has been previously patch repairing asbestos/corrugated roofs  it was back in 2005 that he

created this unique overlay roofing system for corrugated roofs which has since proven to be reliable, cost

effective, robust and of extemely successful . Asbestosafe® roofing systems carry either a 10 or 20 year guarantee

and has hundreds of successful installations in its portfolio
As well as Asbestosafe®  Mick also owns another roofing company,  Ellis Felt Roofing Service Est. 1972  www.ellisroofing.com

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Knowing that there was a great product on his hands, Asbestosafe® has helped and been installed for many
groups, organisations, businesses , local authorities , farms, factories, and households since 2005.

This new unique innovative roofing system means that problematic Asbestos corrugated Roofs now have a top-quality, affordable fully guaranteed solution in Asbestosafe®


Well the immediate answer would be water ingress but there are other tell-tale signs: condensation, flaking sheets, cracks and fractures. Any of these signs apparent ? If so simply complete the form on the contact page or you can contact us by free phone on 0800 056 3453.
We believe our system is the best because we only need one visit to install Asbestosafe and we would only need to work from your supplied measurements. It waterproofs, strengthens and insulates your roof, which means it will not expand and shrink when conditions warm or cool. Asbestosafe® lasts for decades as it prevents the elements from getting under any underlying asbestos roofing and we don’t need to rip up the underlying roof to fit our system. We simply overlay the top surface and cover it. We are environmentally friendly so Asbestosafe doesn’t require removing, just upgrading. Asbestosafe® helps your roof to be stronger and is virtually vandal proof. It is also very low maintenance.
Usually within three to five hours to repair a single garage roof and we only need one visit.
Well the average cost to install to a standard size garage roof is between £950/990 + vat. This is for a 10 year guaranteed system; a 20 year one is also available. So to get the ball rolling, please complete the form on the contact page and we will get two firm quotations to you rapido. Asbestosafe® can be installed to a single garage, a garage in a block, to one of a pair, to practically any situation
Asbestosafe® waterproofs, strengthens and insulates the roof surface, which means we can shield your roof from heat, cold, rain and snow.
Absolutely - it is perfectly safe as long as you do not actively try to disturb it and create dust, such as drilling to the roof or hammering nails into it. We can suggest economical solutions to shield the inside as well as the outside if you wish.
If we were to remove, cut or change your roof, then we would need a licence, but we just overlay the asbestos, so we do not have to inform the council or HSE of the work, which saves time, money and red tape.
We offer 10 and 20 year guaranteed systems, although the life expectancy of the system should be far greater than this. If any repairs are needed, all we do is overlay the original Asbestosafe® system, which is simple and cost effective.
Yes - we offer a bulk discount. Let us know how many roofs need repairing and we can negotiate a price.
We work across the UK mainland. We can get to you and fix your roof within a day so call us now.
Take a look on our reviews page to see what our customers think of us.
Yes - once this system has been installed, there is no more condensation or leaks. Your roof will be fit for use no matter what you decide to use it for.
Once we receive a completed contact form the process would begin.
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